NEW Improved Nail Jack!

The Nail Jack's award winning steel pliers like design revolutionizes nail pulling. There are at least three major categories of "fasteners" that at some point need to be extracted from material that you need to recover and reuse: nails, brads and staples. To extract them, you need leverage and gripping power, along with the ability to dig.

Medium Duty! Nail Hunter

Pull nails, staples and brads with ease. Use the patent-pending hammer tap to reach headless nails at or below the surface. This hand tool has a pliers-like approach, allowing you to dig, grab and pull otherwise hard-to-reach fasteners. Who wants to pull hundreds of staples? This tool was designed for it.

Light Duty! Staple Jack

Now Nail Jack Tools is pleased to announce our newest tool, the Staple Jack! This model is designed for the ease, simplicity and effectiveness of its very tactile gripping tips, and is already getting attention as a very helpful craft tool for jewelry and many other applications. There's a Nail Jack Tool for everyone!

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